Just Breathe

Self-care is not selfish. We cannot serve from an empty vessel. Learning to relax can be especially challenging for business owners.

Fall Asleep Faster

If you’re like me, turning my brain off before bed is next to impossible. These tips have helped me to fall asleep faster and not replay the day over and over again.

Stop Worrying

Don’t worry, be happy. Easier said than done. This article tells you how to create habits that will help you worry less.

Exercise At Your Desk

Intuit is a leader in accounting and tax software. Who knew that they also provide health and well-being articles for their clients. Good on them!

Work Music

Relaxing music with an uplifting touch you can use as work or study music, while relaxing, being creative or simply to enjoy.

Relaxation Tips

Finding the right work – relaxation balance is tricky. These tips can help you find the balance that’s best for you.

Beat Work Anxiety

Whether you own your business or work for someone – work anxiety affects us all. Here’s some advice on how to minimize the anxiety you have.

Stress Relief

Are you stressed out? We all are from time to time. Don’t let it get the best of you. Here’s a link that offers 10 ways to relieve stress. Laughing is my favorite way to reduce stress.


We all have times when we feel overwhelmed. Here’s a great article with tips to help boost your well-being and happiness.

Energy Boost

It’s important to be healthy at home but also at work. Not taking care of yourself at work is never a good thing. Help keep your focus and boost your energy with these tips.

OVER Stressed?

Stress is a part of our daily lives. It seems like it never goes away. You may be OVERstressed and not even know it. Take a look at this list and see if any of these signs apply to you.

Vacation Preparation

You're counting down the days until your much-anticipated vacation. Avoid interruptions by doing these things at work before you take off.

Motivation Is Garbage

Mel Robbins talks about why motivation is garbage. What?! You may be wondering, “Has she lost her mind?” Nope! Watch this video and you’ll understand.

Turn Chaos Into Calm

Helpful hints to get organized and stay organized! It isn’t always easy but it’s worth it.

Productivity Planning

Do you consistently feel as though you aren't getting enough done each day even though you're putting in more hours than ever? Here’s a great article on how to get more done during your work day.

One Thing At A Time

This business owner shares some simple yet effective rules for balancing family life and business life.