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High Desert Bookkeeping

Find out how I can help you manage your finances so you can focus on your day-to-day operations. 

Sandia Mountains NM

Behind every Great Business is a Great Bookkeeper!

Reasons Why You Should Hire Me
As Your Bookkeeper


I take a proactive approach to bookkeeping. When you hire me, you can feel confident that I will deliver on my promises.


I've managed campaign financial accounts and have reconciled bank and investment statements worth millions of dollars.

Detail Oriented

I've performed 'Walk Through Error Correction' accounting going back through years of statements to rectify errors. (Don't worry, they weren't my errors!)


I have systems and processes in place so my work is accurate, efficient and most importantly, it's balanced.

Hire Me

"When you have a true picture of your company's financial status, you have power." 

~Judi Walker

What's the Worst Part About Owning A Business?

If you’re like many entrepreneurs, you probably said bookkeeping is the worst part, especially tax preparation.

And after a long day tending to all the parts of your business that made you decide to start your business in the first place, the last thing you want to do is switch hats and become the bookkeeper. There are so many other enjoyable ways to spend your evening than reconciling your bank statement.

It's Easy to Procrastinate

You’re tired so you put it off one more day, promising yourself you’ll get to it soon. And then you try to remember how many months it’s been since you last reconciled. But now your favorite TV show is on so that thought flew right out of your mind.

There is a Solution


You can contract the services of a bookkeeper. That’s me! I can handle all your bookkeeping tasks and free you up to run your business and do what you do best.


You can rest assured your books are being managed by someone who is experienced, certified, and has the skill set you need. And you don’t have to pay my salary, payroll taxes or employee benefits. You just pay for the bookkeeping services you need.

It’s That Simple


So call me. We’ll determine the best services for your business needs. I’ll get your books all set up, reconciled and balanced, and you can put your feet up after a long day. Enjoy your favorite show guilt-free.

Judi Walker High Desert Bookkeeping

Judi Walker


Bookkeeping is my Passion

I love helping small business owners balance their books so they know the true status of their financial well-being. So it made sense for me to open my own bookkeeping business. Now I can help even more business owners succeed financially.

I’ve lived in Rio Rancho, New Mexico since 1999 and have close ties to the community. But with modern technology and cloud based bookkeeping software, I can help small business owners anywhere in the United States.

The top three qualities my clients like most about me are that I’m reliable, I’m proactive and I have a great sense of humor!

Don’t waste one more minute worrying about the status of your finances because your books aren’t balanced.  Let me take care of your books so you can take care of your business. 

About Me
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