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Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any questions about my bookkeeping services, you may find the answer here. 

However, if you don't find the answer to your question, don't hesitate to contact me.

Judi Walker High Desert Bookkeeping

Can you do the same things as an Accountant?

While I don't do all the tasks an Accountant does, the tasks I do are significant to maintaining the financial health of your business. I reconcile bank statements, investment statements and credit card statements. I enter deposits and payments into the bookkeeping software. I also enter the checks and purchases. And I prepare the monthly and quarterly reports.

Can you do my taxes?

No, I can't do your taxes. But I can get all the documentation ready that your tax preparer will need. By entering your receipts and expenses on a monthly basis, I will keep your tax information organized and easily accessible.

Can you do my payroll?

No, I don’t do payroll. However, I can set you up with a payroll provider and help you get started.

What paperwork will you need to get started?

The Engagement Letter that you sign will have a complete list of all the paperwork I will need from you. Basically, I will need copies of documents reflecting your financial transactions which includes bank statements, canceled checks, and listings of accounts receivable and accounts payable. Additional information might be needed to calculate the trial balance.

How do I send my receipts to you?

The software I use has an app you can download on your mobile phone that allows you to take a picture of your receipts and send them to me. Or you can scan your receipts when you get back to your office and send me the scan.

If I hire you, will I be locked in a contract?

No, you won't. Either party may terminate the Agreement with 30 days written notice.

How do I know my accounts are safe?

I use cloud based software and storage. Only you, my staff, and I will have access to your accounts.  I also use encryption software to further protect your sensitive financial information.

My business is really small. Can you still help me?

Yes, I can! Together, you and I will evaluate your bookkeeping needs and determine which services will work best for your specific requirements. You’ll only be paying for the services you need. If you’re more of a DIYer, I can help you set-up your bookkeeping software. I’m also available for telephone and email support.

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I look forward to working with you!

Let me take care of your books so you can take care of your business.

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